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Plyaing OpenGL Based Games with Full 3D Acceleration on XGL/Compiz

Friday, September 08, 2006

XGL/ Compiz is awesome. No other way to put it, but it doesn't have its draw-backs. One of the major ones is that it is often not possible to play games with full 3D acceleration while XGL/ Compiz is running. You can, of course always switch Compiz on and off, but who really wants to do that? Well, arnieboy of Ubuntu Forums shows you how to get all your favorit OpenGL based games running with full 3D acceleration, while running XGL/ Compiz. And it's really not that hard! A lot of copy-paste stuff.... and then you have it! Good stuff... check it out.

Note from the Nerd: Even though the HOWTO is posted on the Ubuntu Forums, it should work for most distros.
posted by linnerd40, Friday, September 08, 2006


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