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So what does SuSE Mean?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Well, I was having a kinda slow day today, and I suddenly got to wondering what was behind the SuSE Linux name... I mean does SuSE mean anything or is it just there to look pretty? So... I whipped my handy dictiona-.... umm.... Ok, I opened Firefox, and proceded to search for the meaning of life... errr... SuSE. Here's what I got:

Apparently, SuSE stands for "Software- und System-Entwicklung" (Software and System Development). Interesting.... so that's why it is also spelled SuSE with the lowercase "u." Or well, at least it was spelled with that lower case "u" untill Novel acquired it that is, then it became SUSE Linux, in which "SUSE" doesn't really stand for anything anymore.

So what have we valuable, life changing information have we learned from this? *cricket chirps* Yeah, I don't know either... but it certainly did answer one of my biggest questions about SuSE Linux.... hmmm...I should really start spelling it SUSE now, I have gotten in the habit of spelling it as SuSE.... I kinda liked it that way. Oh well, anyway, now you and I alike have been enlightened as to the meaning of SuSE... I mean SUSE. Enjoy your new found knowledge!
posted by linnerd40, Saturday, September 02, 2006


Thanks for this article: I didn`t knew wgat SuSE means. Now I could tell it right :-)

commented by Blogger virens, 1:43 AM  

lol very nice :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:17 PM  



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