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Just Another Tech Blog

Anything and everything having to do with technology, computers, science, and most of all... Linux! The documentation of my Linux endeavor.

A Fun Day for Hardware Enthusiasts: The 8800GT and Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650

Monday, October 29, 2007

Today was an exciting day for hardware enthusiasts, as the first reviews of the recently released nVidia 8800GT made their way to the crowd of eager PC gamers looking for the next best bang-for-the-buck video card. After looking through a few reviews, it can easily be said that the 8800GT presents the best value for performance that has been seen in nVidia's GeForce 8 series. To see for yourself, check out these reviews on the following respected tech websites:
As one can see by merely glancing through these articles, the 8800GT outperforms the 8800GTS in most all current and upcoming games! Yes, that means Crysis and UT3! Crazy stuff, really. And the best part is that the graphics card should come in at around $200-$250 when prices settle, making it the card to beat at the moment. Check out more on prices @ newegg.com.

In other news, the first reviews of the brand new Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 hit the interwebs today. This is the first processor on Intel's new 45nm line, sporting increased efficiency and an overall 40% clock for clock performance improvement! Not to mention, an unprecedented overclocking ability... 4Ghz + on stock cooling anyone? Check out the specs on this beast over at Techage or Bit-Tech.
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Rejoice! Salvation is Come! Death to the Human Theme!!!(?)

I, as I believe many others too, despise Ubuntu's human theme. Nothing is less welcoming to a new OS than a color scheme that looks like... well... I'll let you fill some colorful adjectives here. Really, I don't mean to insult anybody here, as I must say, the theme is the most professional and thought-out that I have seen in any Linux distributions, but the whole brown/ orange thing... just doesn't work for me. So, it is with great pleasure that I read today that the color scheme in Ubuntu 8.04 will be changing!
Well, at least so I hope... The HardyTheme page at the Ubuntu wiki has been set up, so I hope to track the progress of this new theme as each new advancement is made.
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OS X Leopard on your PC!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I know that I, as many others too, enjoy the Mac OS X user interface, but simply can't afford a Mac, or justify getting one. So, a while ago (I believe in the time of Tiger or so) a hack was developed to let OS X run on pretty much any normal PC. Exciting, to say the least. And now, with the advent of OS X Leopard, the hack continues, with hackers churning out a DVD patch, just a day after the official Leopard release, which allows users to install OS X Leopard on their PC!
Well its been only a day since the Mac OSX Leopard was released officially by Apple and the hackers have managed to create a patched DVD that everyone like you and me can use to install Leopard on PC’s without having to buy a Mac. Please note the tutorial that I am going to post is still experimental and things might not work the right way simply because it is still early days in hacking Leopard to work on PC’s. Well if you don’t mind your PC getting screwed then go ahead and try out this tutorial.
Sound pretty cool. Check out the nice 3-step tutorial @ dailapps.net.

Note from the Nerd: Well, as my first post back into blogging, I was hoping for something a little more exciting... but today seems to be a slow news day. Just my luck. But, I'll try to be posting regularly from now on :-) Bare with me as I readjust to the blogging lifestyle. I'll see if I can try this out on my PC... just as it stands right now, things are working so darn well, I'm afraid to mess with anything! Haven't even upgraded to Gutsy yet. But I suppose, it is just a matter of time until I take the plunge back into reckless OS/ Software experimentation.
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