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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Every so often, as I wander my way through the myriads of blogs in the blogosphere, I stumble across one that strikes me as possessing a certain "something" that sets it apart from the usual monotone self-absorbed blogging world one is exposed to on a daily basis. Other times, that blog happens to stumble upon you!

Recently, I was contacted by a very nice teen who happened to be Spanish and wanted to share some bloggings. I checked out his blog and, although it was in Spanish, I liked what I saw (I am actually learning Spanish in school at the moment, and I'm quite enjoying the language). It's a fledgling blog, but I think it has potential, and the fact that the author contacted me was pretty cool (props to you man!).

Really, it all kinda reminds me of when I started blogging... I never really thought anyone would take notice of my blog. However, I spoke to some more experienced bloggers, and they helped me out (thanks :) ). Sometimes, all it takes is a link to get a new blog going!

Anyways way, check out the site! HERE is a link for the blog in full Spanish, and HERE is one translated w/ Google to English.

Note from the Nerd: Gotta love that name too eh? The best start is a good name :D
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