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Awesome book: Linux in a Nutshell

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ok, well yesterday was my birthday (turned 14, w00t!), and my sister got me an AWESOME book about Linux, basically a must have for every Linux user: Linux in a Nutshell. Straight up, it is THE Linux book. Basically, it covers everything about Linux, especially the myriads for commands that are so essential for everything in "higher level Linux." The major sections of the book are as follows:
  • System and Network Administration
  • Linux Commands
  • Boot Methods
  • Package Management
  • Bash and Korn Shells
  • The Emacs, vi, and sed Editors
Between these categories, the book covers everything to make it the perfect desktop quick reference book. Everything is explained clearly, and in detail... but not in n00b terms (This is probably not a book for the complete Linux newbie, but great for anyone wanting to learn more about Linux, and all you can do with the shell). Subtler aspects of the utilities are even illustrated through examples. Really this book surpasses just a reference guide.... think of it as a..... Bible... yeah.... a Linux Bible (yes, I know there is an actual book called the Linux Bible, but I'm going for the metaphor here ;-) ). So, if you are an avid Linux user, and don't have this book, its about time you get it!
posted by linnerd40, Friday, September 01, 2006


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