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Linux Ultra Fast Command Line Downloader

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Everyone knows that wget is the ULTIMATE command line downloader, but really it doesn't do much to speed up the actual download. So, being the good nerd that I am... I went on the quest to find a faster command line downloader... which kinda failed. But, today... what do ya know... there was an article on the digg homepage about a faster Linux command line downloader! The downloader is called axel and speeds up your download a whole lot. So read this article and give it a try! Don't forget to digg!

Note from the Nerd: In response to aleska's comment, I have in fact tried out axel. My tests included downloading the Damn Small Linux iso (~50MB) and the Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake iso (~700MB) with wget and then with axel. It runs out that the download with axel was about 4 times faster than that of wget's! The DSL iso was download in just 2 minutes using axel and it took a full 8 minutes with wget... yeah... drastic results. Of course, everything depends on your internet connection too, but for most things axel will do a dramatically faster download than wget!
posted by linnerd40, Sunday, September 03, 2006


Did you try it out? Wondering how much it is speeding things up in real world practice.

commented by Blogger aleska, 4:53 PM  

I am using Axel in my brand new ubuntu feisty and after the download is "completed" I can't find the file! where is it located?

I try the command below

axel -n 10 http://xxxx.divx

using files from www.stage6.com

commented by Blogger Simon Tay, 8:57 PM  

For me, it is always in the directory where I issued the command. So if you issue the axel command in your /home/user directory, it should be there.

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 8:59 PM  

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commented by Anonymous john, 7:00 PM  

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