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Anything and everything having to do with technology, computers, science, and most of all... Linux! The documentation of my Linux endeavor.

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Released!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The wait is over! The latest version of Ubuntu (7.04, Feisty Fawn) is out of beta and officially released! Although still not reflected on the main ubuntu.com site, Ubuntu 7.04 has become available for x86 and AMD 64 archs as well as in desktop and server flavors. Here's a short list of what's new:
  • New Gnome control center
  • Faster searching with Tracker
    Tracker is a search tool much like Beagle. Both programs will be available in the repositories.
  • Easy codec installation
    When trying to play a multimedia file, Ubuntu will try to install the necessary codecs automatically.
  • Inclusion of NetworkManager
    Connect to wired and wireless networks with the click of your mouse!
  • Kernel Virtual Machine
    Built in virtualization in the Linux Kernel.
  • Migration assistant
    Migrate documents, files and settings with ease from your previous operating system.
  • VPN
    Easy VPN access with NetworkManager.
  • Desktop Effects
    Bring up cool desktop effects that make Vista and Mac OSX pale in comparison.
And of course, much more. You can also expect some new artwork, but nothing drastic (still the "Human" theme). Overall, a release to get very excited about!
You can grab the torrent here (PLEASE USE THIS IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD). The official release page is getting quite a bit of traffic right now, so give it some time. Read the official release announcement here. Or, head here to read the Release Notes. More on Feisty Fawn later!
posted by linnerd40, Thursday, April 19, 2007



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