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Just Ask!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As a good supporter of Linux and open source software, I always try to get people to at least give Linux a try. They are usually like, "Yeah, that sounds cool." Then they are like, "So you'll help me out with everything?" Of course, I say yes, but then I mention that there is a huge Linux community, on forums across the Internet, that is there to assist beginners. But, then they are like "No way! Forums are for n00bs!" A part of me just dies when I hear that. Forums are a place where people help people. Everybody has a different skill level, and if someone can help, they are always eager to post. Besides, open source is all about community. I just have to wonder what is wrong with people that don't want to JUST ASK! What is wrong with asking for help on a forum or IRC channel? Nothing. I do it all the time, and even the experts ask!
I'm thinking that this is a fundamental problem that keeps people from using Linux. Are they afraid of the community or something? I'm not sure, but this attitude that they are "too good" for forums is despicable. Linux was built around community, and so it shall grow too. No, taking the plunge may not be easy, but it will be impossible if you don't trust the community, and let them help. People need to overcome their arrogance, and JUST ASK!
posted by linnerd40, Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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