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Friday, April 06, 2007

KDE has really been catching my eye lately, especially their upcoming KDE4 desktop. As a user of Ubuntu, I have been using Gnome for the last couple of months. Although I really like Gnome, I do miss some of the features of KDE, mainly the awesome applications that come with it. Konquerer is simply amazing, it is by far the best file manager I have ever seen, Gnome's Nautilus pales in comparison. There are just so many features that come in incredibly useful, such as tabs, split windows, and a plethora of things I could go about hours elaborating upon. But, for now, let me stay on the topic of KDE 4. From what I have seen, it will quite possibly be the best desktop environment for Linux. To be released on October 23 of this year, KDE 4 holds many improvements over the KDE 3 series. Most all the applications are being overhauled and a whole new line of thought is going into its development, along with a completely new art scheme. KDE 4 will also come with a new file manager, Dolphin. I really can't wait to see how Dolphin feels and works, in comparison to my beloved Konquerer. Exciting things happening, to say the least. I will be sure to get KDE 4 as soon as a beta comes out, and hopefully set it up as my main desktop environment later on. In the mean time, here are some links to more information about the various new features of KDE 4:

Dolphin | Dolphin and Konquerer
Oxygen Artwork and Icons

And, here is some info about its most prominent developers.
Of course, for the latest news and updates, you can always check by at KDE Dot News.
posted by linnerd40, Friday, April 06, 2007


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