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AbiWord v2.5.0 Released

Monday, January 15, 2007

The AbiWord team is very proud to announce AbiWord v2.5.0, the first snapshot of the development that will lead to AbiWord 2.6.
This snapshot allows interested developers, testers and users a sneak preview into the future of AbiWord.
Here are some new features:
  • A new GNOME Office integration plugin, replacing the old GNOME Office Charting plugin (Unix platforms)
  • Improved command line handling, allowing input from standard input, and output to be directed to standard output (examples here).
  • Improved printing from the command line, deprecating our old custom postscript driver
  • Support for the Bonobo component framework has been deprecated (Unix platforms) Improved the build system to be more standards conformant (for example, "make dist" and "make distcheck" now work)
For those that don't know, AbiWord is an EXCELLENT Open Source word processor. It is lightweight, but does not lack on features. For almost all word processing, AbiWord is my personal "First Choice." I am quite excited about AbiWord 2.6, and this version (2.5.0) looks quite promising!

Full Release Notes | Downloads

UPDATE: Here's a quick screenshot of version 2.5.0:

Smoother feel overall. Still nice and simple.
posted by linnerd40, Monday, January 15, 2007


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