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Cool new Beryl Feature: Window Thumbnails

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just updated Beryl to the latest svn version of 0.1.5. A new feature of this release is "Window Thumbnails." When you hover over an application in the taskbar, it will show you a LIVE preview of that window. You can set delay, and the size of the thumbnail in the Beryl settings manager: Beryl Settings Manager -> Extras -> Window thumbnails. Here are some screenshots:

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posted by linnerd40, Saturday, January 13, 2007


I liked the screenshots so much that I posted them to UseNet and Netscape.

Good work!

commented by Blogger Roy Schestowitz, 6:41 PM  

Update to latest SVN and you can even have the application name under the thumb. :)

commented by Anonymous Joel Calado, 2:04 PM  

Still not enough, we want a clone of Exposé!

commented by Blogger Daniel Cavalcante, 5:20 PM  

Expose exists, it's called "Scale". Press the pause key to activate it.

commented by Blogger Peter, 5:26 PM  

Exposé? Why? I own and use a mac, and i never use Exposé. Virtual desktops are way faster and more usable :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:27 PM  

Still not enough, we want a clone of Exposé!

Uh...there's one already, and it's been available for a while. I use it all the time. It's called "Scale".


commented by Blogger Élie Charest, 5:28 PM  

Does it show live previews of movies like Vista does as well or just still caputres?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:07 PM  

This is much better than Vista. The people that shell out tons of cash for Vista and to upgrade their computers can already get all of this by running Linux with Beryl. And it's free.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:14 PM  

"Does it show live previews of movies like Vista does as well or just still caputres?"

Full motion video as well as if there is a program running that updates regularly...say a chat program...that's also in motion. In other words...it's just like a little mini version of the actual window,

commented by Blogger Randy, 6:21 PM  

"Does it show live previews of movies like Vista does as well or just still caputres?"

Currently it will show live preview just like the alt+tab, only if the window is actively "opened" and on display. When you minimize, it takes a snapshot and shows that whenever you mouse over. I do think they are trying to find a way to give previews when it is minimized and I look forward to the day >_<

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:24 PM  

Your about 1-2 weeks behind on this one...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:02 PM  

Hey diggers! Yeah, this is a bit old, but notice that I did write it 2 weeks ago, and then it was quite new. I just thought it was a nice feature to mention. Well, enjoy!

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 8:34 PM  

yeah. great featue. i think it looks great..

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