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Anything and everything having to do with technology, computers, science, and most of all... Linux! The documentation of my Linux endeavor.

You Don't Want Linux Going Mainstream

Friday, September 29, 2006

"Amusing article on why you should hope Linux doesn't ever make it mainstream: n00bs. I agree - the last thing I want is a bunch of Windows users piled onto Linux. Ugh...that would be terrible." Yes, I agree. In many ways I too don't want Linux to go mainstream.... the article really reflects why. But, I still have mixed feelings on this.... I think it would be nice if Linux took some market share from Windows but I don't want all the people who have trouble even with Windows to start switching to Linux and then polluting the nice pristine Linux community. Ok, maybe that is a bit harsh... Linux is better than Windows, but it is NOT for everyone. End of discussion.

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posted by linnerd40, Friday, September 29, 2006


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