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The Road to KDE 4: Kalzium and KmPlot

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Since not all of the development for KDE 4 is in base technologies, this week features two of applications from the KDE-Edu team: Kalzium, a feature-filled chemistry reference tool, and KmPlot, a powerful equation graphing and visualization program. Read on for the details.
These educational tools have received a lot of work for KDE 4. In particular, Kalzium and KmPlot developments are happening at an amazing rate.
KDE 4 is looking to be a really good release. These two apps alone are quite outstanding. It is just sad that more people don't know about all the great tools KDE has to offer. Some people would call KDE "bloated." I prefer the term "full featured." It looks like I'll have to get KDE loaded on Ubuntu when version 4 comes about. Read more about Kalzium and KmPlot (with screens) @ KDE.news. Preview:

Kalzium (shown above) provides a myriad of chemistry related tools. A new feature is the inclusion of the Kalzium 3D work, which turns the program into a 3D molecule viewer.

KmPlot a very advanced equation graphing program, supporting most anything you throw at it.
posted by linnerd40, Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So can you use km plot like a graphing calculator?? to plot normal functions and such w/ the same types of features as say, a Ti-89?

commented by Blogger Scott, 8:16 AM  

Basically, yes.

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 8:17 AM  

What I really loves about it is the new desktop environment to combine the Kicker, KDesktop and SuperKaramba makes the desktop more customizable and useful. Thanks for updating...

commented by Anonymous aquabot, 6:12 AM  

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