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Cool New Beryl Feature: Ring Window Switcher

Monday, January 29, 2007

The latest svn release of Beryl sports a cool new ring window switcher. You can find it under Beryl Settings Manager -> Window Managemn -> Ring Window Switcher. You can set the speed, appearance, and shortcuts here. See video and screenshots below!

*sigh* Comment moderation turned on.
posted by linnerd40, Monday, January 29, 2007


*COUGH* Vista wannaba *COUGH*

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:48 PM  

Ewww... who would want to be Vista? ;-)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:52 PM  

*COUGH* That last commenter is a Microsoft Fanboy *COUGH*

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:52 PM  

*COUGH* been doing since long before vista *COUGH*

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:53 PM  

Remove about 1,000 features in Beryl/compiz, etc. and THEN, you might have something Vista-ish. Vista is far behind right now.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:54 PM  

*COUGH* Vista wannaba *COUGH*
*COUGH* OSX wannaba *COUGH*

commented by Blogger comrade brad., 6:54 PM  

My, my... it seems as though my readers have caught a bad cold. I recommend getting some good rest, and consulting your local pharmacist.


Really is there any need for a fanboy dispute here?

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 7:00 PM  

Beryl/Compiz has not been doing this since long before Vista.

Vista's window switcher was first showed off over 4 years ago.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:01 PM  

Oh Anonymous, your so silly
just cause your vista hardon is jealous of Beryls rapid developement...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:02 PM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:09 PM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:11 PM  

Could we get a bigger screenshot by chance? That one is more like a large thumbnail ;)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:27 PM  


Kidding. but the guy at the top would say ,"*COUGH* Whats linux? *COUGH*

commented by Blogger Kevin, 7:29 PM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:29 PM  

*CROAK* Microsoft has fanboys!?!!!1!11 *CROAK*

give vista a few months.. someone will find some exploit in vistas window switcher that gives out all users moms phone numbers

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:30 PM  

These comments make me want to put a shotgun to humanity's face...

commented by Anonymous etnlWings, 7:31 PM  

Vista did not steal features from Beryl. It stole features from Sun's Looking Glass project. Get it right. Yes, there is too much copying of Vista/OS X/etc. There is also a lot of original work going on as well. Unfortunatly the interesting work in any project is less than 10% of the whole.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:37 PM  

"Remove about 1,000 features in Beryl/compiz, etc. and THEN, you might have something Vista-ish."

except for all the DRM and lack of being able to install on a clean HD!

Have you ever seen how many entries are made in the registry for every file you save? I can only imagine how Vista is gonna be.

Admittedly, I'm on an MCE box now, but it's the last Windows OS I'll ever own.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:46 PM  

as long as it's nice and free, I don't care where the inspiration comes from. enough being said, this discussion is too geeky for me to thread any further comments..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:26 PM  

To all those people complaining about how this is a rip-off of Looking Glass or Windows Vista: the original Tomb Raider had it first.

You only have to check out the options screen, rendered in its pixelicious goodness to see the *real* inspiration.


"Originality is only undetected plagarism."

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:31 PM  

I have to LOL at this, because it took M$ so long to implement it, and beryl did it so easily and quickly. 4 years of Vista to make it, and not very long for beryl. I should know, because I'm active on the forums.

commented by Blogger Steve, 11:55 PM  

eh - at least it beats Flip 3D - not much more useful than the normal alt tab though...

commented by Blogger WalkerP, 12:01 AM  

Mand those comments were hillarious! What would we do without the good old m$ trolls? We linux fans just can't live without them :) Gotta love them!

commented by Anonymous fresno, 3:54 AM  

What ever.. So everybody copies and most poeple like MacOSX so ... Linux does it on low end hardware and no need to upgrade and the operating system is free! so, go Linux Go!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:01 AM  

*cough* need a doctor *cough*

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:13 AM  

Hmm. Is there a predictable window order? That's one thing I dislike about Expose-style switching: you have no clue where any given window is going to be.

I definitely would prefer this to Vista's switching. The "stack of windows" looks cool, but you can't see much of any window that's not in front.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:20 AM  

To the guy who said "To all those people complaining about how this is a rip-off of Looking Glass or Windows Vista: the original Tomb Raider had it first."

I'm sure that A LOT of demos in the scene had it first. Sometimes you have to look further to find the real inspiration. :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:35 AM  

For all coughing MacOS and sVista zealots, please remember one basic thing: Vista and MacOS are sold as is, amd no new 3D features will be implemented, at least until the next release (Windows Panorama? MacOS Sphinx?), which should be out... in half a decade. Beryl and Compiz are in continuous development, continuously updating, and continuously evolving; all you have to do is grab the latest version. Easy enough for you? Let's see... how many LIGHT years will proprietary OSs be left behind in about ONE human life year? Do the math. And get some paracetamol for illness - ibuprofen is kinda harsh on kidneys.

P.S. Search italian for "svista" translation, boy the fun has started once again with Microshaft Window$ transnaming, hehe!
P.S. And i agree fully that the demo scene of the 80's produced more 3D on C64 with 3Kb than any DirectX will do on an Athlon 9000+ with 400 TB of memory (graphic card excluded).

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:44 PM  

Beryl is awesome. A newly converted Linux fan here. Loving it.

Where can I get that desktop picture of the lake reflection?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:39 AM  

"Where can I get that desktop picture of the lake reflection?"

Here's the link:

Enjoy! Check out the rest of the site for even more awesome wallpapers. :D

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 7:37 AM  

wish version is ?
i have 1.99.2 and i can't find that option.


commented by Blogger Gerson, 12:40 PM  

"Vista's window switcher was first showed off over 4 years ago."

Yea, look at everything else Vista showed off, OVER four years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9ifQvQCO7Y

I don't see half of that now.

Not to mention everything else that was scrapped on the project, WinFS, sandbox security, everything but Aero and DRM.

Because they had the idea to make a video showcasing what they had not yet done, but planned on doing, and it happened to have that effect in it, does not mean they invented it, or put it into place first.

commented by Anonymous Haydre, 6:04 PM  

Absolutely love beryl. Currently running Kubuntu, and Ubuntu virtualized on a dual-boot Windows XP Pro/Linux Sabayon system. With XP, Kubuntu, AND Ubuntu running all at once I can hardly notice the slowdown on the system. I some how doubt i could run 2 implementations of a virtual windows xp on the win xp main.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:12 AM  

WOW! Thanks you. Didn't know this thing existed till i saw this post. Immediately installed at home and office, loving it =)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:12 AM  

Do not bitch about Beryl, Free software is designed as an OPTION nothing more. Your not paying for anything, why, what have you got to complain about?

commented by Blogger Niros, 9:24 AM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

commented by Blogger Zaara, 1:59 PM  

can someone send a download url to;
merlin33069@yahoo.com please!!!

Thank you, Blaise Nochamier, the third.

commented by Anonymous Blaise Nochamier, 9:48 PM  


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:16 PM  

Ha ha, "Vista wannaba". Not only is that spelled incorrectly, Beryl is MUCH faster than Vista Aero (since I assume that's what you're 'coughing' about), it's free, and the translucent cube desktops are just way cool, so there. I don't think anyone would wannaba Vista, w/e the heck that means.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:21 PM  



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