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BackTrack 2.0 on USB Flash Drive!

Friday, December 29, 2006

w00t! I finally got around to installing BackTrack2.0 on my USB Flash Drive. It was very easy. Simply start up the BackTrack Installer ( Menu > System > BackTrack Installer), and then point the installation towards your USB flash drive. Keep in mind you will need a flash drive with at capacity of at least 1 gigabyte. This is for the 700MB "Live" install. I suppose, if you had a large enough flash drive, you could go about the FULL (Real Install). The Live install will give you a Live, bootable USB Flash Drive. This is even more useful than a LiveCD really... I mean a flash drive can fit in your pocket, and won't break that easily. The install takes about 5-10 minutes depending on you rsystem. Performance when running from the flash drive quite exceptional, considering a whole operating system is running from your Flash Drive. Just be patient with the boot, it took my system a good 10 minutes to start up (at first you will just see a black screen with:
starting slax.....................Don't work, it keeps going, and then you get to the more graphical boot up. By default, backtrack boots into just a root terminal. You could theoretically make another partition on your USB flash drive to store files under. Which would be quite practical. Read my review of BackTrack2.0 here.
posted by linnerd40, Friday, December 29, 2006


Is it possible to install BackTrack 2 on a USB stick, starting from Windows and the iso files?

I'm running with Windows and I want to create a "USB-live BackTrack 2 stick". How shall I do?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:27 PM  

@ anonymous
That is actually very easy!
Just download the MySlax creator, and follow the simple steps!
:D Enjoy! Let me know if you need help, email me @ linnerd40 AT gmail DOT com.

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 4:23 PM  

has anybody had any luck with the PXE boot?

commented by Anonymous miggs, 4:13 AM  

I did this to get backtrack 2 final going on usb http://www.andrewstrohman.com/backtrack.html

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:52 AM  



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