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Ubuntu So Far: What's Hot.... What's Not

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So I've been using Ubuntu for about 2 and a half weeks. Really, I am quite enjoying the experience. Here are some thing's I've noticed that I like/ dislike:

What's Hot:
  • apt-get style of package management. GREAT system. No dependency hell, updates are quick and easy. Lots of software repositories.
  • Hardware detection. All my hardware was detected.
  • Beryl: The most fun you will ever have you with your desktop
  • Good variety of applications pre-installed.
  • Performance is very good. Firefox finally has a reasonable load time.
  • LOW RAM USAGE!!! Remember my posts about how my RAM was being eaten up? No more of that. My RAM usage usually hovers around 400MB/ 1.5GB. That's with Firefox, Amarok, Gaim, and Liferea open.
What's Not:
  • Gnome. Ugh. I really don't like gnome that much. Not very "useable." After having used Konquerer for such a long time, nautilus was really hideous (However, it is nice and simple... not bloated).
  • Removable media handling. Why can't I just open an Audio CD in nautilus or a file manager? Why does sound juicer open? Tried changing this... didn't help.
  • Gnome apps. I had to install K3B, Konquerer, and Amarok. Gnome really has nothing as good as these. However, I do like Rhythmbox.
  • Some of the n00b guards really get in the way. But I can over come that.
  • Ubuntu keeps thinking that I have a floppy drive!!! I hate that... very unnecessary.
So all in all, there is a lot to love about Ubuntu. The cons... well, I think I can live with most of them. Great distro, on a scale of 1 to 10, definitely a 9. Good job Ubuntu team! Can't wait until the next release!
posted by linnerd40, Tuesday, December 26, 2006




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