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Monday, October 23, 2006

There is one thing I absolutely HATE about Linux.... dependencies. I can hardly ever just install a program on the first try. There is always some other program that I need to have install.... Today I was trying to install AVG Free for Linux (heard it was good). So, I download the RPM, and try to install. TRY is the keyword. First it comes up with a message saying that I need python-gtk. So, I go about trying to get python-gtk. Of course, it is not in YaST. Then I do a google search and find it online. Thinking this was all I need, I try to install it. Once again.... TRY is the key word. Apparently python-gtk needs python-numeric and python-cairo to install. Why the hell it needs that... I have no clue. And of course, neither packages are in YaST. So, I once again do a google search, find the RPMs that I need and try to install them. AGAIN, TRY IS THE KEYWORD (SEE A PATTERN????). First I try to install python-cairo. You know what error message comes up? PYTHON-CAIRO REQUIRES PYTHON-GTK!!!!!! WTF??????? So... here I am... stuck in dependency hell. That is the ONE and only thing I like about Windowz.... if you want to install something, all you need is the installer, and it works. No questions asked. WHY CAN'T LINUX BE THIS WAY????? WHY?????


Or is is just SuSE?

Ok... /RANT :D

posted by linnerd40, Monday, October 23, 2006


This is what I dislike about RPM distributions. Apt distributions like Debian and Ubuntu extremly rarely have this issue. You could mess with http://en.opensuse.org/APT , but I have never tried it.

commented by Anonymous Jake, 6:15 PM  

Yeah, when I get a bit more hard drive room, I will have to try an Apt distro. I have played around with Ubuntu and really liked it... but then I had to delete it to get some more hard drive space :D.
Thanks for reading and commenting!


commented by Blogger linnerd40, 6:57 PM  

Really, apt isn't better; depends on the distro. Just ty installing the latest version of LyX in Ubuntu Dapper.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:28 AM  



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