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Flash 9 beta available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FINALLY!!! The wait is over. Flash Player 9 for Linux is released.... in beta. Oh well, this is still awesome. Been waiting for this moment for quite some time :D. Check it out here. Direct link to download (2.48MB, Linux, .tar.gz) here. More Downloads here.

Adobe Labs is currently featuring prerelease versions of the Flash Player 9 Update software. This release includes a new feature to enable full screen mode in the web player, bug fixes and support for additional operating systems — specifically Microsoft® Windows™ Vista™ and Linux.

This software is being made available for developers and consumers to test their content to ensure existing Flash content plays back correctly and that there are no compatibility issues.* The purpose of this beta is to gather your feedback so that Adobe can verify that:

* The new Flash Player is compatible with previously authored Flash content.
* Developers have an opportunity to test their content and applications prior to the product release to help identify bugs on a variety of machines and configurations.
posted by linnerd40, Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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