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Stuff to get....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well, even though I just upgraded my computer... I am still itching for more! Yeah, my inner geek can never quite be satisfied. So, I decided to compile a little list of stuff I want to get.
  1. KVM Switch- I really need this thing. I hate having to switch the VGA cable everytime I want to use my Mac. So, this is a must. Will probably get with in the next couple of weeks. I am look at the Zonet KVM3002 2 Port KVM Switch. $16.99

  2. New (bigger) Hard Drive- The time has come... my 40gig hard drive just can't sustain me. The VMs I have set up take 8gigs each! I'll probably go with a 250gig ATA100. I wish I could go SATA2, but my motherboard's SATA2 controller is not that Linux-friendly. Looking at: Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ATA-100 Hard Drive. $60-70

  3. RAM for my Mac- The G4 is great, I love it, really. BUT, it only has 256MB RAM, ouch. Will probably get another 256MB stick, 512MB should be good. Looking at: MemoryTen or LEI 256MB Apple PowerMac G4 PC133 SDRAM DIMM. $39.98

  4. New case- Man, I love my case now... but, I think an upgrade would be nice. This is not very high-priority... just a though. Looking at: NZXT Nemesis Elite Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case (w00t! This thing is SEXY). $109

  5. New PCI-e video card- It's not so much that I need one as much as I want one. My GeForce 6200 is doing fine for me, but doesn't a 7600GT sound better? Looking at: XFX GeForce 7600 GT. $149
Oh my.. that is a total of $384.97. Wow... well, I will be making about $21 a week giving private bassoon lessons (ha, ha... yes, laugh at the nerd who plays the bassoon. But while you are laughing, I am making $21 a week, working for an hour and a half! OH!!!! WHAT NOW????). Ok, anywayz... that is about 18 weeks. Hmm... 4 and a half months. Not bad. Well, I'll let you know how it goes. The KVM switch and the hard drive are at the top of my list. When I get the hard drive, I will finally be able to test more Linux distros with VMware Server. Awesome... OK... better get to work!........................ ok, maybe not just yet :P
posted by linnerd40, Saturday, October 14, 2006


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