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SuperKaramba Working With XGL!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ok, so I got superkaramba working with XGL, now the applets don't appear above every window! w00t! It was really quite easy. I uninstalled superkaramba and then before reinstalling from source, I edited to the karamba.cpp file in the src directory of the superkaramba install folder. Look for:
KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Dock);
And comment it out with // to look like this:
//KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Dock);
Then, I installed as I usually do when installing from source:
make install

And now everything works fine! I am so happy, Superkaramba is my favorite eye candy, and I can't live without my system monitor (SystemXinfo by EazyVG!!!). What can be better than XGL and superkaramba living and running in harmony?

Note from the Nerd: I credit this finding to the article "Cooking with Linux - Eye Candy for Admins? Aye, SuperKaramba!" from the Linux Journal. Thanks a million!
posted by linnerd40, Sunday, September 17, 2006


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