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Writely: The Web Word Processor

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I have just discovered what could be one of the most useful things on the internet: Writely. Writely is a word processor, just like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.org Writer, only it's web-based. With Writely, you can quickly and easily create documents from scratch, upload from your computer, and even email your documents to others! Not only that, you can save documents in HTML, RTF, Word, OpenOffice, or PDF format. So just how great is Writely? Well, let me show you what it can do:
After first creating an account, or logging in again, one is presented with a nice "Welcome to Writely!" screen. From there, you can create a new document, upload one from your computer, or edit previous documents. We will start with creating a new document. After clicking on "New" in the top left corner, you are prompted to give your document a title. Once done with that, you are presented with a nice interface that looks like just about any other word processor. You will notice that you have a ton of formatting options on the toolbar (for a Web-based word processor).

You can Spell Check, cut, copy, paste, insert links, boldface, italicize, underline, set text color, set background color, strike-out, superscript, subscript, align left, right, center, justify, add bullets/ numbering, and set the indent! That is quite a list of features. In the menus lie even more surprises! You can tag your document, insert a picture, a table, a bookmark, a comment, add a page break, horizontal line, and even a special character! In the style menu, you can set the line spacing, header, and more! There are also many fonts to choose from as well as text sizes up to 36pt. Notice the "Blog" drop-down menu at the top... yes Writely can even be used to blog! But what about security? Well, apparently Writely takes security very seriously! They even write the following:
Very! We take security very seriously. A layered security architecture ensures that only people you authorize can view or modify a document.

And of course, Writely is FREE! You can take a tour here, and find out more about Writely here. Sign up now!
posted by linnerd40, Sunday, August 20, 2006


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