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Why was Linux successful (and will it stay so)?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Following my previous post about the state of the Linux desktop, is a post about an article discussing why Linux is successful. "Linux successful?" you say? Well, Linux is already taking over the server market, and is starting to make impressions on desktop use too. But what makes Linux successful? Read the full article here.

Note from the Nerd: Well, I must say Linux, in my mind is already a huge success. I use Linux because it is perfect for my needs, and is apparently perfect for many other people's needs too. I'm thinking that most people with a computer at home don't use it for much more than surfing the web and word processing... so why pay hundreds of dollars for an operating system and office suite when you can something just as good (or better, in my opinion) for free? Anyway, it seems to me that Linux is going to experience even more success in the near future, and I certainly wish it the best. I, for one, will continue my support of the OSS and Linux as long as I can, and hopefully do something one day that truly brings Linux to the average person's desktop. But for now, I still like thinking that I am in the elite group of nerds that uses Linux... those that "have seen the light" and crossed from the dark side : ) (even though I am still a linux n00b). So for now, people may think of Linux as an OS for nerds and geeks, but one day... Linux will hit the mainstream desktop, and send Microsoft into the dust.
posted by linnerd40, Saturday, August 19, 2006


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