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New Hard Drive!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, as you may know, one of my former hard drives crashed a while back and I have been stuck with just one hard drive for a couple weeks. Yes, I sent the hard drive back to where I got my computer... and I have never heard or seen anything of it again... hmmm... do I hear lawsuit? Naw, it was a refurbished drive anyways.. so I don't care. Ok. So, a couple days ago I ordered a new Seagate 20gigabyte 5400RPM (sad, I know) hard drive for $10 @ TigerDirect after rebates. Yesterday, I got the drive. And, eager to have a new drive to test Linux distros on, I set to work installing it. Well, I got it installed and then I realized.... oh crap, I only have one jumper (the one that came with the new drive). I frantically looked for the old jumpers from my setup before my last hard drive crash. No luck... then I realized... I had accidentally sent both jumpers with the hard drive when returning it to my computer vendor. HOW DUMB WAS THAT? Ok, no response to that please. A bit desperate, I took one of the jumpers from one of my optical drives. And, while pulling it out, it jumped out of my hand and into the most in-accessible corner of my case. Oh *expletive*. So, for the next half and hour or so, I tried to get the darn thing out of that little corner. Finally, using a bent paper clip, I got it out.. Phew! So... not wanting to loose the jumper again... I just set it back into the optical drive. My initial problem... still not solved. My only place left to turn: Computer Forums. I have been a member there for a little while now, so I asked the other members if you could run two drives with one jumper. Turns out, you can run two drives... with no jumper! What a relief... So just now, I have pulled out the jumper in the new hard drive and everything works fine! Now... I just have to mail in the rebate and get to work installing new distros on the hard drive! w00t! Thanks CF!
posted by linnerd40, Friday, July 07, 2006


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