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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Xi MTower 2P64 Workstation, one of @Xi's many systems, is perhaps the epitome of "extreme workstation." The manufacturer, @Xi Computer is "The Leading System Integrator of Intel and AMD Based Workstations, Network Servers, and Rack Blade Clusters." and the "High Performance CAD Workstation & 3D Graphics leader." A look into their product line will confirm this. @Xi Computer is all about performance. The Xi MTower 2P64 Workstation is most likely their flagship workstation. To get a feeling of how extreme their systems are, the maximum configuration for the Xi MTowwer 2P64 Workstation can go up to: 8 AMD Opteron Series 8xx Dual-Core processors!!! 64 Gigabytes of RAM!!! Up to 9 146GB 15000RPM U3SCSI-320 Seagate Hard Drives!!! And Dual nVidia Quadro FX4400 (Genlock) 512MB Graphics Cards or Dual ATI FireGL V7350 1024MB Graphics Cards!!! I mean talk about extreme performance!!! The only thing lacking, and which I was surprised not to find in the configurator, was a Liquid Cooling system. Well, I guess if you can buy something like this (Max Configuration can exceed $50K), you can install your own liquid cooling system or have a professional install it. Another one of their systems, the Xi MTower 64 SLI Workstation, sports an AM FX-62 Processor, up to 4 gigs of DDR2 1000Mhz RAM, Quad SLI using Dual nVidia EVGA GeForce 7950 GX2s (Each 1024MB), and 15K RPM hard drives. This system comes with an optional Thermaltake Rocket External Silent Water Cooling System. Nice. Another one of @Xi's flagship systems is the Xi NetRAIDer 64 Network RAID Server, features multiple AMD-Opterons and up to 6 Terrabytes of RAID Disk Space. Wow. Check out the @Xi Computer website here.
posted by linnerd40, Saturday, July 01, 2006




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