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SuSE 10.1 Dissapointing

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well, yesterday I finally downloaded and installed SuSE Linux 10.1. I wish I hadn't. This latest release was a great dissapointment. The only major improvement I noticed was the new version of KDE (3.5.1). The thing that upset me the most was the loss of many drivers for wireless network cards. My card with a RT2500 Chipset no longer worked right after the install, and trying to get the drivers from the RaLink website to work drove me nuts! The new network manager is no good either. Novell should have stuck with Kinternet. I was, however, really impressed with the new boot/ splash screen and the overall appearance of the system. Everything looked nice and formal, without being overdone. I didn't try the gnome desktop, but from what I saw from screenshots, it looked a heck of alot better than the gnome dekstop theme standard in 10.0. The only other major improvement I noticed was more up-to-date software (such as Firefox), which I can really easily install/ update in SuSE 10.0. Overall, the release was not right for me, but I am sure that it will do fine for others. Now I am back with SuSE 10.0, and happy.
posted by linnerd40, Sunday, May 14, 2006


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commented by Blogger E@zyVG, 11:56 AM  

Regarding KNetworkManager, the one you are critisizing ... I find it excellent package when you use either wireless or wired, or any one connection at a time - good for mobile users.

Otherwise, like me, I use two connections simultaneously - wired and wireless - I go the ususal way with ifup/ifdown way. When configuring your card Yast asks which one you want otuse.

commented by Blogger E@zyVG, 11:56 AM  



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