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Anything and everything having to do with technology, computers, science, and most of all... Linux! The documentation of my Linux endeavor.

Graphics Card Troubles

Friday, May 12, 2006

As you know, about a week ago I purchased a new PNY Verto GeForce 6200 128MB AGP 8x graphics card for my computer. After testing for about a week with Windows (~shudder~), I realized that it really did boost my performance significantly. So, wanting quickly to get away from Windows, I decided to install SuSE Linux 10.0 (my favorite Linux distro). No, wait, before that I tried installing Free Mandriva Linux 2006 (just for a quick install do down load SuSE 10.1), and booting Knoppix 3.9 and Kanotix Light LiveCDs. Anyway, none of these worked. So, a bit distressed, I contacted a fellow Linux user (who has already helped me numerous times and to whom I am eternally grateful). He told me to remove my graphics card and try the installs again. Of course, the installs went flawlessly. Now I just hope I can get my graphics card reinstalled with the necessary drivers for Linux, or I just wasted $50 on a graphics card I can't use. Wish me luck! Updates will follow...
posted by linnerd40, Friday, May 12, 2006


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