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Just Another Tech Blog

Anything and everything having to do with technology, computers, science, and most of all... Linux! The documentation of my Linux endeavor.

The Ultimate Boot CD

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Ultimate Boot CD is truely the Ultimate of its kind. Basically, it is a Linux boot diagnostic CD that has many different anti virus,hard disk,networking,bios,system info, and benchmarking apps. Sound good? Yeah, I'll say! Since more and more computers don't ship with floppy drives, the Ultimate Boot CD is a true godsend for people that need to run diagnostics without a floppy drive. Even if you do have a floppy drive, The Ultimate Boot CD is infinitely better. Not only is it faster, it is includes so many different programs, that when you are done with one, you can jump right into another. Highlights of the CD are: Memtest86/ 86+, XFDISK (extended FDISK), AVG Free Edition, McAfee Virus Scanner, HDClone, Disk Editor, RIP (Recover Is Possible (Linux Boot Disc) available on full version) and so much more! If you don't already have The Ultimate Boot CD, it is about time that you got it!
Check out the webpage here.
posted by linnerd40, Monday, August 07, 2006


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