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Cool Blog: Linux and Open Source Blog

Monday, June 19, 2006

If you ever want up-to-date, interesting news and articles on Linux or Open Source, you must visit the Linux and Open Source Blog. This blog is by far the best Linux blog I have seen yet! The maintainer/ creator, E@zyVG (Vichar Bhatt), keeps this blog up to date and posts interesting and useful stories along with his own experiences with SuSE-Linux(making this blog especially helpful to SuSE users). He also seems to play a nice role in the SuSE/ Linux community, offering good help on the SuSE Linux Forums and on other blogs. I hope that one day my blog can reach a level like that of his. If you havn't already, check out the Linux and Open Source Blog!
posted by linnerd40, Monday, June 19, 2006


Thanks for the kind words.
Actually your blog is been bookmarked on my browser for sometime now.

BTW, it's not E@asyVG, but E@zyVG, "z" :)

commented by Blogger E@zyVG, 2:48 PM  

Thank you for your kind words. Sorry that I spelled your name wrong, I have changed it! Keep up the good work!

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 4:09 PM  

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