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A Second Chance

Monday, May 15, 2006

Because I am just that kind, I decided to give SuSE 10.1 another chance, mainly because of my previous post stating that I had found a way to get my wireless network card working. Well, I tried that, and it worked... at least partially. The system now recognizes the card, and I could theoretically connect to the Internet using the new Network Manager or Kinternet. But, neither really worked for me. Odd... So after some configuring using YaST and other resources, I got them.... to still not work. I am now looking into if this is a problem with my wireless router not letting the new system in the network. My SuSE 10.0 which I am using right now on my second hard drive works fine. But, since I have a different host name (linux-suse on 10.1 instead of just linux on SuSE 10.0) I am thinking that the router set up with my mom's Windows-based computer is viewing my computer (10.1 system with hostname linux-suse) as an intruder, and trying to block all access. Why do I think this? Well, when I am using SuSE 10.0, I usually just use Kinternet to connect to the wireless network we have running in our house. This is done by opening the Wireless Connection... dialogue and switching to the second tab, selecing the network, entering the WEP code, and pressing connect (I am trying to creat a shell script or other program that will do this for me at launch, but I have had no success). When I do the same under SuSE 10.1, after pressing connect, nothing happens. I am not connected, even though a dialogue box just came up and said "Connected successfully to *network name*." Then agin, it may just be by stupid noob intellect (or lack of it for this matter) that is keeping me from perhaps an egregiously simple answer. So, untill I figure this out, I still don't have SuSE 10.1 up an running with Internet access. But, as soon as I do, I can see a bright future with it!
posted by linnerd40, Monday, May 15, 2006


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