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Blue Hippo Scam Alert! The $2000+ low end desktop computer.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Original post: "RAW DEAL! Worst computer deal in the history of scams. They are selling a $300 desktop computer for $2200. They are scamming the public by making it look like an easy payment plan. If the overall price wasn't bad enough, they don't even take on any risk, as they won't ship the computer until you've spent more than $600! Help expose this scam!"
Actually, it is not really a scam, just a company sinking VERY low to get money. If people are to stupid not to do the math, then it is really their own fault. Still, this should be stopped.

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posted by linnerd40, Saturday, April 15, 2006


I agree with you. For the money you would be paying Blue Hippo, you can get an equal or in most cases better desktop PC for far less.

The $600 you have to pay before they ship it can be used to buy a PC from any reputable retailer such as Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Staples, etc.

Even the rent-to-own stores are better than this, they reposess PCs all the time and I'm sure for $600, you can buy a reposessed rental outright and still have money left over.

There is also EBay as a lot of companies sell overstock for less than retail or companies that go out of business and liquidate their assets and many PCs on EBay still have the manufacturer's warranty on them and would again still be less than $2000+

The best way in my opinion is to either build the PC yourself or have one of the local computer repair shops do it for you and again spend less than $2000. One last deal is the manufacturer directly, they have many deals out there for less than $2000 with monitors, printers, etc.

Credit aside, if one knows where to look and if one saves their money, one can get an equal or better PC for far less than $2000

commented by Anonymous Chris, 10:29 AM  


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:12 PM  

Blue Hippo sucks because u end up paying more than $2,000 for a computer that Dell is selling for less tsn $500, and you wont even spend $2000 upgrading it and adding the with shiping and handling fees!! This sucks!!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:19 PM  

How about a $159 scam A "100% no risk, no hassle money back guarantee" that is NOT honored. There really are some master con artists who specialize in deceiving people.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:26 AM  

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