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Just Another Tech Blog

Anything and everything having to do with technology, computers, science, and most of all... Linux! The documentation of my Linux endeavor.

A Blog Of Note

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It seems I have been chosen as a "Blog of Note" by the "Blog of Note" team! Awesome! Again, many thanks to all my visitors, especially the ones that return! I started this blog about 10 months ago, in March of 2006. I never even dreamed that this blog could achieve such success. I put a lot of time into this blog, and its nice to see people like my posts. I'm just passionate about technology, and I know many others are. What ever interests me, I post. As I have said in the message board, I am working two rather large posts (sort of the first of their kind) for this blog. If things go well, I'll get the written up by Saturday. I'll see how things go from there. Anyways, thanks for visiting the site! Enjoy and be sure to browse the archives or use the search box (powered by Technorati) to look up all your favorite tech topics!
posted by linnerd40, Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A very informative blog and superbly designed. You deserve to be on the Blog of Notes.

commented by Anonymous Barsawad, 2:40 AM  


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:46 AM  

I am reading a blog of note. W00t!

commented by Blogger Roy Schestowitz, 5:03 AM  

Hey Congrates,

Nice blog and good posts :-)

commented by Blogger Dinesh, 6:13 AM  

Good Stuff.

commented by Blogger Vidush, 6:24 AM  

yeah congrats from me too
never used a linux but seen my friend use it...
there also some techi stuff on my blog
and also chk lifehacker.com

commented by Blogger Muneeb Saeed, 8:39 AM  

Congratulations. Whoever it is, it's always nice to be recognized for doing something that you enjoy for its own sake.

commented by Blogger Vivisector 9999, 8:56 AM  

Hi, I read your blog a lot and this is a greatblog! I hate to ask, but I have a question. Can you visit my blog? Its www.starwarsandmore.blogspot.com. It would mean a lot to me.

commented by Blogger Ben, 7:36 PM  


Yes, congratulations on a blog that reflects your enthusiasm and hard work.

I have a question. Your stats show that more than 1,000 visitors read your blog. Why are so few people placing comments? This is a common complaint by the users of blogs in general but blogger and blogspot are the only places where comments can be garnered from all over the world. One usually needs to register to place comments at other writing venues and it is sometimes not worth the time if one only has reason to comment on a particular post on a particular subject.


commented by Blogger CoralPoetry, 2:18 PM  

Thanks! I am actually quite content with the number of comments, but one would think that with ~300 visitors daily there would be more comments. Not sure, but right now, things are going well.
Thanks for reading!

commented by Blogger linnerd40, 4:29 PM  

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