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Fun With Thunderbird

Monday, July 24, 2006

"Why have I never used this before?" That was my reaction after my first use of Thunderbird, the opensource mail client/ rss reader from the creators of Firefox! For a while now I have been looking for a mail client to view my gmail account messages from. Kmail was no good, and other clients that I tried simply didn't cut it. Then I got to Thunderbird... true bliss. I love this program. Not only could I easily configure it to read my Gmail account, I can now also view all my RSS feeds from it too (I had been using Liferea which was awesome, but I wanted something "prettier" and something with email integration). To set up my account so it would read my Gmail, I simply followed the directions given my Google (you can find them here). Then, I simply imported all my news feeds from Liferea... and there I had it! A perfect way to view my email and my news feeds. The only thing I was not happy with was the default theme... I thought it rather bland... So, I just downloaded the "Tiger Mail" theme from the Thunderbird Themes page... and everything was looking MUCH better. In conclusion, if you have not used Thunderbird... do so now! You will love it! The only thing I still have to figure out, which is rather annoying... is getting Thunderbird to open links in Firefox... One would think this would be quite easy... yet it hasn't. I don't know, maybe it is just me. Anyway, GET THUNDERBIRD!!!!
posted by linnerd40, Monday, July 24, 2006


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