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Digg v3 up and running!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Finally, digg v3 is up! There must be tons of visitors to the site right now, because it took a while to load (ha, ha, digg effect). Anyway, I must say the new layout is very nice. I like the menu that lets you select what you would like to see. However, I wish the main menu was still on the right. Oh well, small price to pay for an overall great new digg.com. Ok, now for some glitches I noticed while using digg v3:
  • Duplicate stories and comments happen A LOT
  • "Blog This!" doesn't always work
  • Viewing comments may not always work
  • Some pages may come with an error message saying the page was not found
These are only some of glitches I experienced. They are all variable too, so you may be able to use digg without any errors. Have fun!
posted by linnerd40, Monday, June 26, 2006


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