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VMware Player

Monday, May 29, 2006

I have spent this morning of May 29 experimenting with VMware Player. So far, so good. Installation was easy, but make sure you have kernel-source installed, it is needed by installation/ configuration/ execution. Then came the configuration, also easy. The hardest part was figuring a way out of the seemingly endless EULA (End User license Agreement). After experimenting with some key combos, I figured out that pressing "Shift-Q" gets you to the final agreement. Maybe that is common knowledge for Linux users, but now I know. Anyway, after installation and configuration was complete, I booted Syllable, an "easy-to-use GPLed operating system for the home and small office user." Syllable running on VMware PlayerAs far as I have experimented, I think Syllable has great potential. It's interface is pure and simple. Performance was as I expected from running a full Distro from as a virtual machine, but not terrible. I hear that when actually installed on one's computer, Syllable is to be lightning-fast. As always, I have not got the internet to work, but I believe this is just a matter of correctly configuring the VMplayer. Overall, I was quite pleased with VMplayer. It has a fairly friendly interface itself and loading virtual disk images is a breeze. I also tried running DeLiLinux, but have not got it to boot properly, once again, a matter of configuration. You can also use VMplayer to run The Browser Appliance, which is used to improve the security of Windows machines. It does this by letting you run Firefox from the virtual PC and browse the web without affecting Windows in anyway, thereby preventing any web-based attack (the most common form of security attack). It really doesn't make sense for me to use such a program because I already use Linux! Anyway, if you would like to download VMware Player, you can do so here. Have fun!
posted by linnerd40, Monday, May 29, 2006


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